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Wow, a new decade has begun. Many changes ahead of us, and yet, many things remain the same. With that said, this “Ask Bruce Article” will focus primarily on the existing services provided here at Newberry Hospital — along with a few “New/Enhanced” services for our community.

In the coming weeks you will see our new Marketing Campaign rolled out to the community. The theme “All Roads Lead to Newberry County Memorial Hospital” is a very simple concept. Our goal is to help make you aware of the services that you can receive here in your own community without needing to drive to Columbia, Greenville or even Greenwood.

As I have stated in prior “Ask Bruce” articles, Newberry Hospital continues to receive Patient Quality, Patient Satisfaction and Safety/Low Infection Rate Awards. So why go elsewhere if we can provide the service here at Newberry Hospital.

So what services are currently provided at Newberry Hospital? Glad you asked! Here is a list of services performed at NCMH:

1. Cardiac Rehabilitation Program – So if you have had a Cardiac Surgery or Cardiac Stent performed in a larger hospital you can stay in Newberry to receive a quality Cardiac Rehab Program requested by the cardiologist or the physician who performed that procedure.

2. Emergency Medicine Services – Emergency Medicine trained physicians and staff that have great medical skills and believe in good patient satisfaction.

3. Endoscopy Services – Your physician may suggest you need a colonoscopy, an EGD, or even a bronchoscopy. Several members of our medical staff can efficiently perform these services.

4. Infusion/Chemo Therapy Center: Unfortunately, many patients require chemo therapy treatment after receiving a difficult diagnosis from their oncologist or primary care physician. Many times this is once, twice or even three times a week or month. Under many scenarios, patients are able to receive their treatment here in Newberry Hospital, even if their physician is not based in Newberry County.

5. Radiation Oncology – Many of the patients, with the difficult diagnosis of cancer, can have some of their radiation treatments performed here in Newberry. The hospital is a minority partner in the Newberry Oncology Center, which has a state of the art Linear Accelerator to perform radiation therapy.

6. Sleep Disorder Services – Many people have sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. Here at Newberry Hospital, Sleep Apnea Studies are performed each month. No need to travel.

7. Wound Care/Hyperbaric Medicine – NCMH has one of the best outpatient wound care centers in the area. Many patients in the county have wounds that are difficult to heal. With a high population of people with diabetic illness, this service is utilized quite often. NCMH has two Hyperbaric Chambers in the Wound Care Center that have seen great success on the healing process of some very difficult wounds.

8. Rehab Services – Adult and Pediatric – Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy — All of us have had an ache or pain, a stiff shoulder, back pain, or even post-surgical (total joint replacement surgery) rehabilitative needs. Newberry Hospital has various rehab services on both an inpatient and outpatient basis to help meet these needs. Remember whether you had the surgery at Newberry Hospital or even elsewhere, the rehab you require can be performed right here versus leaving town.

9. Imaging Services – X-ray, Nuclear Medicine, CT Scan, MRI, Ultrasound, Mammograms, EKG, ECHO, Stress Tests, Bone Density Studies — Many of us have needed to have an X-ray or CT Scan. Some have had an MRI. Some have had a stress test or EKG. Hopefully, most females have had a mammogram. Newberry Hospital has state of the art imaging equipment with a qualified radiology group interpreting each study. Easy access, easy scheduling and great customer service.

Breaking news on mammograms– A new, State of the Art, Digital 3D Mammography Unit is being installed this month and separate marketing/open-house announcements will follow.

10. Laboratory Services – Inpatient and Outpatient — Most of us have needed a blood test or other tests from a laboratory. Maybe it was because you went to your physician’s office and they wrote a prescription for the test. Maybe you were scheduled for surgery and you needed pre-operative lab work. Maybe you needed an annual physical or work physical.

We at Newberry Hospital can perform most tests quickly and efficiently right here. Even if the surgery is to be performed elsewhere, you can still have your pre-operative lab work done here.

11. Surgical Services – Inpatient and Outpatient — Here at Newberry Hospital, we accommodate the following types of surgery procedures but this list does not include all procedures in each area: ENT – tonsils, myringotomy (tubes in ears), adenoids, other general surgery – hernias, gallbladders, appendix, endoscopy, other orthopedic – total hip replacement, total knee replacement, total shoulder replacements, fractures, knee scopes, shoulder scopes, spine procedures, hand procedure, other urology – various urological including kidney stones, podiatry – new podiatry physician as of August 1, 2019, performing various foot and ankle procedures.

12. Wellness / Fitness – Newberry Hospital also has programs to keep you healthy: Heartfit, SilverSneakers, ASH Fitness, GYM Fitness classes.

In closing, please be on the lookout for our new billboards, newspaper articles, radio spots, and other marketing items that will help you understand all roads do lead to Newberry Hospital.

So, stop driving out of town for services already here.

Yield to temptation to leave town for services.

Caution to not forget to support your community hospital.

GO directly to NCMH and be taken care of with great quality and compassion.

Ask Bruce

Bruce Baldwin

Bruce Baldwin is the Chief Executive Officer at Newberry County Memorial Hospital. His column “Ask Bruce” appears once a month in The Newberry Observer.

Bruce Baldwin is the Chief Executive Officer at Newberry County Memorial Hospital. His column “Ask Bruce” appears once a month in The Newberry Observer.